How to open the closed items?
  • You can open items through raising your level, achievements or coins!
How can I disable alerts?
  • To disable alerts click on the icon which displays your level, then go to Settings, and in the window that appears will have the opportunity to disable alert sounds and music in the game.
  • The second way to disable the warning: go to Settings of your Phone, then go to the Notification Center, in the list of installed games find and click on the game Paramon, then in the window that will be able to disable the alarm.
How to change the color of the objects in the rooms of the game?
  • Go to category Shop, then sign in Shopping Center-> Skins. The opened window will have the opportunity to change the color of objects in the rooms of the game.
Microphone doesn't work. Paramon doesn't repeat what I said!
  • For the beginning be convinced that the Studio room (at the bottom of the screen) microphone is included.
  • If the microphone is turned on, but Paramon doesn't repeat what you said, go to device settings - > Privacy - > Microphone. In right part of the game Paramon be convinced that the switch is in the "on" position.
I have a suggestion!
  • Contact us down.
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